Our Experience With Cloudbet

cloudbet betting dashboard

During our Cloudbet test we had the choice of 20 different sports. You can find them in an alphabetically ordered menu on the left side of the start page. Since the site has not yet been translated into German, you will find football bets under the English term “Soccer”.

The site offers a very extensive compilation of the disciplines that are traditionally the most popular with sports betting fans. Of course, in addition to the most popular sports such as football, tennis, basketball and ice hockey, classic sports such as American football, baseball, rugby, motor sports, snooker, darts or boxing are also represented.

Now also the popular sector of eSports betting is available on Cloudbet as their third mainstay, and, of course, the betting provider has a casino area with traditional casino games included as well. For more details check this review of cloudbet’s slots offer, for instance, since this is a large field for itself.

The number of available bets is not shown to the user in advance, as is usually the case in the industry. All betting options only appear after clicking on the respective discipline. This makes it clear that the bookmaker does not have to hide from the competition. According to our Cloudbet experience, a very extensive selection of bets is available for the popular sports. In addition to popular markets such as Handicap, Over/Under, Double Chance and Co. there are almost always special and long term formats. In general, supply seems to be primarily based on demand.

It is therefore not surprising that this provider also offers by far the most betting options for “King Football”. Those who prefer to place bets on grass sports will not be disappointed by Cloudbet in any case. Of course, all major European leagues and competitions are covered. For the major football nations such as England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany, the offer extends at least up to the third division, and usually even lower.

In general, the abundance of leagues on which bets can be placed is impressive. Even matches in Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kazakhstan or Malta are available. In Germany the betting goes all the way down to the various regional leagues. Women’s football, on the other hand, is very rare, and the Norwegian “top series” is offered, for example.

Even though other bookmakers have a wider choice in their program, Cloudbet’s betting offer is very satisfactory overall. If you are looking for the popular disciplines, you will certainly find enough options here. Particularly when it comes to football, the huge selection of international leagues and the depth of the offer is very exciting.

Live betting – Convincing Selection, Weaknesses in the Presentation

The live betting offer of Cloudbet – formerly a well-known weak point – has been significantly improved. In the meantime, real-time options are also available for almost all available disciplines in the area called “Live Sports”, depending on the time of day and season. During our test, we had the choice of almost 10 sports, whereby of course most games are available in soccer. Furthermore, we were very impressed by the large number of live tennis bets. Here you can find not only the big tournaments of the ATP Tour or Grand Slams, but also matches of the smaller ITF and Challenger events.

Changes in odds are marked with the usual green or red arrows. Beyond that, however, the visual implementation is not particularly extensive. Thus, the active game events are not graphically displayed as with other bookmakers. Statistics for the respective match are also not available. Overall, however, the live betting area at Cloudbet is clearly laid out and user-friendly.

Betting Bonus – Up to 5 Bitcoins

Like almost all betting providers, Cloudbet also offers new customers a welcome bonus. The bookmaker chooses the classic way of the 100 percent deposit bonus. However, the amount of the bonus is not at all common, because Cloudbet doubles your first deposit up to an amount of 5 Bitcoins (BTC).

At the current exchange rate (as of September 2018), this corresponds to more than 27,000 euros! So there is no question that this offer is probably the highest bonus of the entire sports betting market. The minimum deposit to claim the bonus is fixed at 0.01 BTC (currently around 55 Euro) and is thus also significantly above the industry standard.

Of course, with such an offer, the question of the sales conditions quickly arises. To unlock the bonus, so-called “Loyalty Points” must be collected. In principle, these are credited to a separate account with every bet placed and with every wager in the Cloudbet casino. As soon as 800 Loyalty Points have been reached, 0.01 BTC each from the total bonus will be released and credited to the betting account. You have a total of 365 days to release the entire bonus in this way. The number of Loyalty Points you receive for a placed bet is calculated using the following formula:

Loyalty Points = Betting stake (in mBTC) x Price Score (≤1)

The “Price Score” in turn is the square root of the betting odds minus 1. What sounds complicated at first can be illustrated with an example. Let us assume that the odds are 2.00. If we take the square root of this, the rounded value is 1.41. We thus obtain a Price Score of 0.41 (1.41 – 1 = 0.41). For our example we choose a bet of 0.01 BTC. This corresponds to 10 mBTC. The formula then looks like this:

Loyalty Points = 10 x 0.41

Thus, with a bet of 0.01 BTC and an odds of 2.00 you will receive 4 Loyalty Points. This shows how long it can take to meet the turnover conditions. On the other hand, there is no minimum odds and you have a whole year to meet them. The Cloudbet-Bonus is especially recommended for frequent players and high rollers.

Bonuses are also available for the casino games, as you can see here. Slots, by the way, are among the casino games, if not the only ones, that are exactly like betting – there is no way to influence the outcome, no gambling skills can help to win. That’s why people who like to bet usually also like to gamble with slots.

Betting Odds – Relatively mixed, a Comparison is worthwhile

Our cloudbet experience in terms of betting odds leaves a mixed impression. Very good odds are often offered on particularly popular events such as Premier League football matches. Especially with favourite bets, you can sometimes find real outliers compared to the competition. On the other hand, the odds for less important sports and events sometimes drop significantly. Other bookmakers are characterised here by a higher degree of stability. In our current Cloudbet test, we still come up with a payout key of over 93 percent. This means that the average odds are at a good level. However, it is advisable, especially with this provider, to look for alternatives in case of doubt by comparing odds.

Deposits and Withdrawals by Check – fast and free of Charge via Bitcoin

Cloudbet has remained true to its special position as a pure Bitcoin bookmaker since its foundation. Payments via PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or similar are therefore not possible here. All payment transactions are handled exclusively via the cryptocurrency.

In principle, payments at Cloudbet are possible with all common Bitcoin Wallets. Simply copy the payment address of your Cloudbet betting account into the field for the payee of your Bitcoin Wallet. Then select the desired amount and click “send”. After a few minutes the balance will be available on your betting account. On the Cloudbet blog you will find detailed instructions for depositing (but only in English).

If you do not yet have a Bitcoin Wallet, you will also find helpful tips on choosing a suitable provider. A Bitcoin Wallet works similar to a bank account. Therefore, a deposit naturally requires that there is a credit balance in the account. How and where you can buy Bitcoins is also described in great detail on the Cloudbet Blog. By the way, credits on your betting account can be easily and quickly transferred back to your Bitcoin Wallet using the same principle.

A big advantage of Cloudbet is that no fees are charged for deposits and withdrawals. In addition, transfers in both directions are usually made within a very short time (a few minutes). Only when very large amounts are debited, it can take longer, as these have to be released manually by an employee. A minimum amount of 0.001 BTC (currently around 5 Euro) is required for both deposits and withdrawals.

Customer Service – Live Chat available 24/7, but…

In terms of customer service, there is still room for improvement at Cloudbet. As the entire range of services offered by the bookmaker is not (yet) available in German, you will also need to be able to use the support of the English language. To do this, click on the green button at the bottom right of the website, which opens an input window. Theoretically, the Live Chat is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

However, as soon as all employees are in conversation, the chat function is not available and instead only a contact form is displayed. So either you wait until the chat is free again or you post your request via the form and wait for an answer. However, it often only takes a few minutes until the answer arrives in the e-mail inbox.

Our experience with the Live Chat (if available) was positive throughout. Test requests were clarified in a friendly and competent manner. Bitcoin Bookmaker does not yet offer customer service by phone. However, basic questions can be answered in advance in the FAQ section. The Cloudbet Blog is also highly recommended, which provides many useful tips on betting with Bitcoins.