Bitcoin Betting On Hearthstone Worth It? Get A Game Overview

Blizzard is going among the card players with his first free-to-play game, Hearthstone. That doesn’t sound very spectacular at first. But beware: the game is a real addict. It also works without a clever story. No big bang graphics, giant game world or multi-million budget. Fun can’t be measured by sober key data. No new knowledge. Countless indie bombs have shown in recent years how to increase the fun factor despite limited resources. What does that have to do with Blizzard? The game company that has eliminated the phrase “limited resources” from its corporate vocabulary since the success of World of Warcraft? Well, obviously the makers of “WoW”, “Diablo”, “Starcraft” & Co. are prescribing a purification cure with their new title “Hearthstone”. 15 men put almost two years of development into the project – a joke compared to the previous mega productions of the studio. Nevertheless, the free-to-play game doesn’t have to hide from its big brothers. On the contrary! To bet BTC on Hearthstone visit

Blizzard and the Card Games

Aroused interest? Good! Because this game deserves your attention! Because this game deserves your attention. Don’t let the genre deter you: “Hearthstone” is a trading card game. Compared to blockbusters like “Fifa” or “Call of Duty”, this genre leads a niche existence. And she struggles with the stigma of being inaccessible and dry. (Please don’t take it personally, dear “Magic” fans!)

Nevertheless, Blizzard chooses this genre as the framework for his first free-to-play title. The fact that the collection aspect and the selling of virtual content complement each other perfectly was probably a decisive factor – more on that later. Another good argument was certainly the experience with Blizzard’s own trading card game for “World of Warcraft,” which Blizzard discontinued in 2013.

Matches against real opponents. That’s the beginning of your ascent on the extremely long learning curve of Hearthstone. Even after dozens of games and many hours on the clock, you won’t know all the tricks of the game.

The basics are quickly explained: Two opponents try to zero each other’s 30 life points step by step. They have 30 playing cards (the so-called deck) and up to ten mana points at their disposal. At the beginning, the duelists own a mana crystal and draw four cards from the deck. Each round is followed by one card and one crystal. Each card has an effect and costs a certain number of mana points. Some summon servants to appear on the field, others deal damage, others cause positive or negative effects on creatures or heroes. Each of the current nine Heroes has a special ability that costs two mana points. For example, the priest heals himself or his servants, the warrior puts on armor, the hunter deals two points of damage to his counterpart.


Hearthstone” owes its enormous depth to the interplay of heroic abilities and card diversity. After the first few games, you lose yourself tuning your deck and trying out new combinations. An example: In the priest’s card offer there is the clergywoman of Nordhain, who has a special ability (recognizable by the lightning symbol). If this servant is on the field, the priest draws a new card from his deck after each healing. If you play the card skilfully at the beginning of a game, you quickly raise the cards in your hand. A decisive factor: the more cards you have in your hand, the more options you have in the course of the duel. Such synergies are plentiful in Hearthstone.

Plan with luck

In this interaction lies a very big attraction of the title. Already when you put together your deck, you can make up your own combinations. If Fortuna plays along and gives you the right cards at the right time, it is extremely satisfying to play the combo. Especially if you end a game with such a maneuver. As one member of the A-Team said so nicely: “I love it when a plan works.” How right he was.

Playing for the Dream Deck

  • However, before you can enjoy such planning freedom, you have to survive a few duels – and above all win. At the beginning of your “Hearthstone” career, you have few options.
  • Each time you win, your current hero will gain experience and gradually unlock cards. If you complete daily tasks set by the game, you will receive gold.
  • You can afford packages with new combat material. Or you can buy into the arena. In this game mode, you don’t compete with your ingenious deck, but rather each time you put one of randomly selected cards together and compete against other gamblers. Victories improve the reward that beckons at the end.