Jackpot Slots Strategy For Bitcoin Gambling

When does it make sense to play progressive jackpot slots?

There are a variety of progressive jackpot slots from Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt. The ever-increasing jackpot winnings go into the millions. Some say that you should wait up to a certain amount and then play because the odds are higher. Is it possible to estimate when you should play the slot again based on the sum of the jackpots or the duration of the last payout? I have looked into this question once.

About a week ago Daniel informed me that the Hall of Gods slot had exceeded the 5 million mark. He said you now have a better chance of winning the main prize, as the jackpot is usually hit at 3 to 4 million. Take a look at www.BestBitcoinpoker.org to find the best Bitcoin Jackpot Slots.

At first, I didn’t give a damn about the talk. However, with this in mind, I played the slot at one or the other casino and lost more than 200€ in 3 sessions. The jackpot continues to rise steadily and has already crossed the 6 million mark.

Of course the loss is still manageable, but still I was annoyed about it. I wondered afterwards whether these “gambler wisdoms” are based on any concrete assumptions, or whether the jackpots are really triggered at a certain distance or at a certain amount. In this article you will find my results on this question.

A data collection on the amount of jackpots in progressive slots

First of all, I tried to find out when the jackpots in the various machines had been hit in recent years. I have limited my selection to slots that I have already played myself and would play again despite the loss. For this reason, you will only find information about Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, Arabian Nights, Age of the Gods and the Gladiator Jackpot Slot below. Actually, I wanted to use Jackpot Giant as well, but I noticed that the Jackpot was paid out once, so it would not statically give any new results.

Under the respective tables you will find the average payout amounts as well as the average distance between the payouts of the main prizes.

What do you notice when looking at the winnings?

If you look at the different games, you will see that Microgaming and NetEnt, in particular, have very large variations in the jackpots paid out. At Mega Moolah, some main prizes between 1 and 17.8 million euros were paid out. At Mega Fortune it was between 657,000 and 7.4 million Euros. In Arabian Nights, the lowest payout was 9,771 Euros, the highest 3.3 million Euros. At Playtech, a similar picture emerges for the Gladiator Slot – however, it is harder to make any statements here because the data basis is not so good.

If you look at the intervals between the payouts of the jackpots, you can see that the jackpots really seem to be triggered randomly. With Mega Moolah, the jackpot can sometimes be hit twice within a week, sometimes it takes more than 3 months. Mega Fortune doesn’t look fundamentally different. In the Hall of Gods slot the jackpot was won once within 3 days 2 times, otherwise it can take up to 9 months. In Arabian Nights, the progressive jackpot was even won twice in one day – you certainly don’t expect that. In the Age of the Gods series the jackpot was won 3 times in 12 days in March.

There are no tricks to cracking Progressive Jackpot Slots

  1. The Hall of Gods slot now stands at 6.4 million Euros and has still not been cracked. This shows once more that the statistical surveys don’t really help and don’t give any clues as to when you can hit a jackpot.
  2. I fell for the “gambler wisdom“, but since I like the slot games, I don’t find it so bad at this point. Ultimately, however, the progressive jackpot can be won at the slot at any time and the amount of the main prize or the time between payouts does not necessarily increase the chances of winning the jackpot.
  3. The discussion about progressive jackpots reminds me a little of the discussion about the Martingale strategy in roulette. Ultimately, the probabilities are fixed for all slot machines, the chances of winning are not increased by an increased jackpot.
  4. So you can always win the jackpot because it is completely random. So it makes no sense to orientate yourself on average values. Surely you should be aware that the payout odds of progressive slots are worse than with normal slot machines and that you are more likely to lose your entire bet here.